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FEB. 3 - 10, 2024




Kate Remsen

& Dawn Justice

The Goddess Garden

Cahuita, Caribbean Sea

Join Dawn and Kate on an incredible adventure to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, where the rainforest meets the sea! This nature-based retreat will be held at The Goddess Garden, a beautiful, secluded haven located in the jungle adjacent to the ocean.


Practice yoga in this pristine space amongst a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, birds, and sloths. Experience this BioYoga retreat in the immensely biodiverse country of Costa Rica and connect back to nature!


Accommodations & Price


Tripple Occupancy - $1950

Dorm Occupancy - $1600 (4 person min, 6 person max)

Price is per person. International airfare not included


What’s Included

Daily Yoga Classes

  • Morning Vinyasa

  • Evening Restorative

Guided Nature Experiences

  • Cahuita National Park hike

  • Local night walk

  • Sunset bonfire

Daily Organic Meals

Transportation to/from San Jose Airport



Dawn Justice –

Kate Remsen –



Kate Remsen (@kateremsen)
I began my yoga practice in Los Angeles, CA in 2010 and quickly realized that yoga was not only for the body but also for the mind. Coming from a chaotic mental state (and living in a chaotic city like LA), yoga helped guide me on the path to my truest self. Now, yoga has become a way to harness the strength within; building from the core, or third chakra, and expanding outwards. I have a background in Power Yoga and have modified my teachings to include both strength building and restorative poses, creating a balanced body and mind connection.
My truest self also includes my love for nature. While in Los Angeles, I was studying Film and Television and working in the industry. I learned quickly that I wanted to create nature documentaries and ended up partnering with UC Davis’ Wildlife Health Center to produce a documentary on mountain lions in California. Working with renowned wildlife biologists all over the state, I was involved in all aspects of making the film and dove head first into the nitty gritty research. Once the documentary was complete in 2020 (and can currently be seen online), I was offered a job to do the actual research in Sonoma County! My love for film is still strong but my love for education is even stronger and while I am working with local biologists, I am teaching our community about these beautiful big cats. 
Combining nature and yoga is a dream of mine and I’m able to accomplish that dream through BioYoga retreats. I am looking forward to bringing you to the immensely biodiverse country of Costa Rica, a place full of natural wonder and the opportunity to truly connect back to nature.

Dawn Justice (@dawn_just)
I’ve been practicing yoga since the mid '90s and have been a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor since 2006. The foundation of my practice combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. By integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness, as well as time spent in nature, I strive to promote an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in personal health and well-being.
Outside of teaching yoga, I love hiking and nature photography. I’ve led hiking and yoga retreats in California, Hawaii and internationally. I’ve come to understand that if we spend time outdoors and learn to LISTEN and SEE the stories unfolding around us that nature can be one of our greatest teachers. For me, photographing wildlife is an extension of this natural immersion. I've learned much about my state of being, how my energy presents and affects everything around me, by simply spending time in nature and quiet reflection.
By offering BioYoga Retreats, we are able to seamlessly meld our shared love of the outdoors with our passion for yoga practice. My sincere hope is that we can take you on a journey like no other where nature, yoga, and passion for life can reinvigorate and infuse our entire being, staying with us long after we return to our "normal" lives back home.

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