Yoga brings unity, and a revolution only has momentum when we come together. Unite with us in group activities designed to enlighten our hearts, minds and spirit.

Yoga + Tea

Sunday, May 9

10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

w/ Shoshana Hebshi

Treat yourself (and your mom) to an outdoor yoga class to nourish and nurture your body and spirit, celebrating spring, motherhood and nature! 

Following the all-levels yoga practice, enjoy an outdoor tea service provided by Patisserie Angelica. The tea service includes your choice of hot tea, and a combination of sweet and savory delicacies.


You can picnic, enjoying the beautiful Sonoma County landscape of this private location in Rincon Valley while you celebrate the day.

Decaf tea and gluten free food options are available. Space is limited, so reserve your spot early!

YOGA of the
Exploring the 5 Koshas

Saturday, May 22

10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

w/ Nancy Frey

Our yoga practice encourages us to fine tune our awareness of our bodies. Not just the physical body, but recognizing and understanding the more subtle, natural energy flows in the body.  

Join Nancy Frey for a 2-hour exploration of the five (pancha) koshas (sheaths) trough which all experience and awareness is filtered.

Utilizing these natural energy elements as part of a thoughtful, integrated yoga experience results in a feeling of well being: grounded, calm, and centered.  

This deep dive into the 5 layers of awareness will help you integrate and balance your yoga practice to align with your natural energy flows.

In this workshop, Nancy will utilize a combination of techniques, including meditation, pranayama (breathing), and gentle asana (moving our bodies), to tap into these energy elements and find internal balance.

Some yoga experience is helpful, but not required.

$35 / $29.75 members

Yoga Notre Vue.JPG
Move + Breathe + Revel

Saturday, May 22

5:30 - 7 p.m.

w/ Pam Sauers

Drink in the beauty of Sonoma County from Notre Vue Vineyard Estate where you will enjoy a rejuvenating yoga class followed by ample time to take in the view and watch the sun dip behind the westerly hills.

Following the yoga class, you can enjoy a wine tasting or just hang out and enjoy the view and company.


Yoga: $25 / $21.25 Revolution members 

Wine: $15 / Free for Wine Club members


To practice yoga off the mat means going into the world with intention, compassion and a yearning to ease all living beings from suffering. Revolution Yoga is dedicated to that purpose and has built a Seva program as a container to serve the community at large.


Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service and lies at the heart of a karma yoga practice. Our chief Seva yogi is Jennifer Girvin, a Santa Rosa native who has given countless hours back to the community and continues to share her heart, artistry and good nature with all. Jennifer works with nonprofits and community groups in Sonoma County and helps Revolution Yoga choose organizations to receive Seva. The yoga community raises funds, provides services or goods or takes on a service project for each organization during a specific period of time.


To become involved with Revolution Yoga’s Seva work, please contact us.