Yoga brings unity, and a revolution only has momentum when we come together. Unite with us in group activities designed to enlighten our hearts, minds and spirit.

OCT. 9

CHATARAN-WHAT? An exploration of Chaturanga Dandasana

In this workshop you will learn proper technique, modifications and ways to build strength to be able to come into the pose safely and effectively.


OCT. 21


Sound baths create the space for self-healing and transformation.The resonance of the instruments is not just an auditory experience ~ it's like receiving a full-body sound massage.

Sound Healing Skyfish.jpg

OCT. 28

BREATHE DEEP: Restorative Yoga + Aromatherapy

Wind down from your week with a gentle  restorative practice. Each pose will be complemented with a calming essential oil (diffused in the air).  

Image by Ilyuza Mingazova

OCT.  15


This workshop pairs a restful, restorative yoga practice with an original thought-provoking story told by storyteller Katy Mangan. 

restorative yoga 2.jpeg

NOV. 5


In this ceremony, we reawaken this energy center and reclaim both our honor and our sovereignty by releasing feelings of unworthiness and shame that have made us powerless.

Charlotte Light.jpg

NOV.  12


Transport yourself into a theta flow state through the healing rhythms of Shamanic drums. Your journey will begin with a gentle yoga sequence followed by relaxation as you absorb the vibrations of the drum. Charlotte and Shoshana will lead you into a space where you have access to new ideas, concepts, and experience deep healing.

Charlotte smile Drum.jpg
Group at Wall.jpg


To practice yoga off the mat means going into the world with intention, compassion and a yearning to ease all living beings from suffering. Revolution Yoga is dedicated to that purpose and has built a Seva program as a container to serve the community at large.


Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service and lies at the heart of a karma yoga practice. Our chief Seva yogi is Jennifer Girvin, a Santa Rosa native who has given countless hours back to the community and continues to share her heart, artistry and good nature with all. Jennifer works with nonprofits and community groups in Sonoma County and helps Revolution Yoga choose organizations to receive Seva. The yoga community raises funds, provides services or goods or takes on a service project for each organization during a specific period of time.


To become involved with Revolution Yoga’s Seva work, please contact us.