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Flowing in the Moment

As I sit here managing Revolution Yoga's mailing list, my calendar alarm chimes and I'm reminded that I have a 4:30 Revolution Hour class coming up. I flick away the alert on my phone with my finger and wonder for a moment if I will ever teach that class again.

There have been times during the week that we've closed the studio that I wonder if things will ever get back to how they were before the Shelter-in-Place order came down. I don't linger in that uncertainty very long, thankfully. I have a lot of work to do that keeps me focused on tasks at hand, but I also know that nothing can every remain as it was.

Change is constant. It always has been, and always will be. This practice teaches us to observe the change in the moment, to experience it not as change but as it presents itself in the moment. It's not that change itself that is happening, it's our minds telling us this is different from how something used to be, even if that something was just a few minutes ago.

It is what it is. And it will always be that.

So, while we are in the practice of experiencing each moment in its uniqueness, and observing it without reaction, I am continually surprised with how fluid I can be if I let go of expectation or attachment to an outcome. My mind can go here: "This was not supposed to happen." "We've only been open for four months." "This is going to change everything." But my heart knows that swirling in the sea of uncertainty and anxiety will not serve me or my mental health.

But when I access the strings of my heart, I choose to trust that whatever comes is its own unique moment in time to roll with, even if it presents a challenge. We must choose to keep rolling with it over the other option of fighting it or ignoring it. Movement over stagnation.

And when the moment comes that we can move back into the studio and hold group classes without social distancing or without industrial-strength disinfectant, we will embrace it as we've embraced all the moments leading up to it, with support for each other, a trust in the practice and a shared vision to be in community and continue to flow.

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