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Revolution Yoga was founded in Sonoma County, Calif., as a safe, nurturing and healing space to honor the practice and ancient traditions of yoga.

These fleeting moments when time and space cease to exist and you are fully present, totally aware, in observation and in command of your reactions, your body, your breath and your perception...these moments bring you back to yourself.
These moments are cyclical.
These moments are revolutionary.


Our team is skilled and compassionate. Our teachers are trained in many different lineages and dedicated to ongoing education to bring our students the most current, safe and supportive instruction and guidance into our classes.


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Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Andrea first encountered yoga while pregnant, practicing maternity yoga in her native Sweden. She went on to practice yin yoga while living in Tokyo, Japan but it was not until landing in Santa Rosa in 2015 that she developed a more diligent and explorative yoga practice. 

With a base in vinyasa, Andrea loves to explore breathing and kundalini elements in her practice / teaching and is grateful to have found great teachers in the local community. 

When not on the mat Andrea works with executive search and enjoys nature, traveling and spending time with her sons and friends.

Baddoura Headshot new.jpg


Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Baddoura’s classes serve as a source of inspiration, encouraging others to delve into both the spiritual and physical aspects of their practice, guiding them to harmonize with their breath. In her sessions, one can encounter the transformative qualities of yoga – kindness, compassion, strength, confidence, and clarity – extending beyond the mat and permeating daily life.

With 20 years immersed in the yoga journey, Baddoura has found profound meaning both spiritually and physically. For her, yoga is a conduit to breathe, fostering a connection with her true self. This practice has not only unlocked her spirit and heart but has also amplified her focus, compassion, kindness, confidence, and overall strength.

Remaining an eternal student of the discipline, Baddoura carries a deep gratitude for the love and wisdom imparted by her teachers, a sentiment that continues to shape her journey in the profound realm of yoga.

Charlotte Headshot new.jpg


Chief Ceremony Yogi

(She / Her / Goddess)

Charlotte is an Ordained Priestess in the Order of the Rose, Sisterhood of the Magdalene. Her Shamanic ancestry began in central and South America and comes from a tribal matriarchal lineage. She shares this gift through drum healing, oracle work, ceremony, and plant medicine. Charlotte is led to heal the Divine Feminine in all of us, bringing us back into alignment and healing. 

Chela Headshot New.jpg


Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Chela was raised in Sonoma County and grew up with a love for music and movement. It was only natural that she transitioned that passion   to teaching Zumba. Dancing is such a great way to get good cardio in without it actually feeling like a workout. Besides Zumba, she also bikes, hikes and kayaks in her spare time. Chela also teaches pilates.

Dana Falls.jpeg


Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Dana was first drawn to yoga because of the noticeable calm that settled in after class. She went to yoga to exercise and discovered a form of innercise. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, a powerful connection was made. This moving meditation, was medicine for the body and mind. Yoga seemed to embody all the best things about therapy and send it straight to the nervous system creating emotional balance, clarity, positivity, connectedness, and self awareness. She loves teaching with creativity and a sense of adventure exploring different types of yoga including Yoga Therapy, Couples Yoga and Yoga for Teens.

Dawn Headshot New.jpg


Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Dawn teaches a combination of styles gleaned from her varied background with an emphasis on playfulness as well as the mind/body connection.  She interweaves various modalities into her classes to better address the being as an integrated whole.  She is also a perpetual student, learning from trained teachers and her students alike.

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Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Originally from Brazil, Fernanda Subercaseaux began her Pilates journey when she developed severe neck and back issues from her job as a dental hygienist. She studied at Tone in Santa Rosa and eventually became a Pilates instructor there. Fernanda is certified in mat Pilates and as a Pilates Equipment Trainer, and receives great joy in helping people strengthen and heal their bodies through movement.

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Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Hannah Caratti, LMFT, E-RYT 500 has been teaching Gentle Yoga in Sonoma County for over 20 years and loves sharing the peace and joy that flows from the practice of yoga and healing songs. She has collaborated with friends in creating 4 CDs of healing music, and has been a licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 2011, specializing in "Somatic (body-oriented) Practices for Anxiety, PTSD and Stress Reduction." Hannah trained in Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and healing flowing "Synergy Yoga" as taught by Charmaine Lee. Since 2017, Hannah has taught "Yoga for Trauma Relief" to over 60 Yoga teachers in Sonoma County.

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Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Julie is honored to be able to share the ancient practice of yoga that she was first introduced to when she moved to California 30 years ago. She brings her many years of practice as well as her extensive time working as a high school counselor to her teaching, through which she feels blessed that the Buddhist idea of not having to separate who you are from what you do, or Right Livelihood, is true for her work. Julie aims to guide her students through the transformative physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga while expressing their unique path on the yoga journey.



Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Kate began her yoga practice in Los Angeles in 2010 and quickly realized that yoga was not only for the body but also for the mind. Coming from a chaotic mental state, yoga helped guide her on the path to her truest self. Now, yoga has become a way to harness the strength within; building from the core, or third chakra, and expanding outwards. Kate has a background in Power Yoga and has modified her teachings to include both strength building and restorative poses, creating a balanced body and mind connection.

Lyla Headshot New.jpg


Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Lyla's yoga practice has sustained her for more than two decades. She began teaching in 2012, after giving birth to her first child. Grateful for the adaptability and therapuetic nature of yoga, she holds space for students to slow down, move with intention, cultivate presence, and connect deeply with the body and breath. Her mission is to support students in connecting to the wisdom within their own bodies, to find the teacher within, and to feel empowered to step into the role of a compassionate self healer. Lyla specializes in prenatal, postpartum, gentle, and restorative yoga.

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Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Meg is a Vinyasa instructor who emphasizes the importance of listening to your inner wisdom while growing a yoga practice as unique as you are. She has a background in infant care, and loves hiking and nature photography. Look forward to sound, hands-on assists (always optional) and adaptable instruction based on your needs in her classes.

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Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Originally from Switzerland, Nicole's Path crossed Yoga during her first travels in Indonesia. The practice of Asana, and later on all the practices of Yoga, allowed her to create a connection to her body, calm her mind and encouraged her to bring more authenticity into her life. Nicole has studied with teachers from different lineages, including Jivamukti , Katonah and Yin Yoga. She also offers Energy Clearings and Healing Circles, using the method Theta Healing.
She understands her classes as a journey towards this inner place called Home - where you meet yourself and bring that knowledge into the world.
Through chanting, pranayama and asana we will discover our preferences, softening our edges and opening our perspectives.



Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Pam Sauers began teaching yoga in the wilds of Alaska and has since migrated to the more temperate climate of Sonoma County where she practices acupuncture and herbalism and shares her wisdom on health and nutrition. Pam believes yoga is not just a physical practice but a lifestyle, and she tries to incorporate the teachings into her daily life, even when she’s climbing a huge mountain on her bike or tending to her special needs cat. Her sequences are creative and inspired by her background in dance.

Rosie Headshot New.jpg


Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

In practicing yoga, Rosie works towards creating internal beauty and peace that requires only the approval of her own nervous system!  She is passionate about finding interesting ways to both move and be still that can resonate within each student’s body to generate their own peace. 

The connections and relationships that yoga has provided Rosie (as both a student and a teacher) have been life altering and she welcomes you to join her on this path of discovery and observation. 



Revolutionary Instructor

& Founder

(She / Her)

Shoshana discovered yoga, or rather was dragged to a yoga class, in 1999 and has not looked back since. The practice has changed her worldview, her mission in life and her driving purpose. Through the creation of Revolution Yoga, she aims to manifest her desires for Healing the World one breath at a time.



Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her )

Vinita’s yoga and meditation practice began in 1998 while she was a student and ski bum in Colorado. Since then, she has made long-term homes in Wyoming, Japan, and California. Influenced by the natural world and the many places she has traveled, her personal practice is based on a sense of deep ecology and global philosophy. She practices and teaches various movement modalities, including vinyasa, yin, and barre sport, as well as Buddhist and guided meditation.

Vivian Headshot New.jpg


Revolutionary Instructor

(She / Her)

Vivian embarked on a transformative path of self-discovery over twenty years ago when she stepped into her first meditation retreat. She became deeply passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga and meditation to people from all walks of life. Vivian’s classes are thoughtfully designed to meet you where you are on your journey. Her guidance and support encourage students to explore their potential, cultivate inner strength, and foster a profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. Vivian has guided individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those in recovery from cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, injuries, anxiety, trauma, and addiction. Her classes are not just physical experiences but transformative journeys through self-care, self-awareness, and self-empowerment.

Yoga Class


Our mission is to foster a safe learning environment for the study of yoga and meditation while building community, engaging in service to the greater community and spreading the revolutionary ideals of peace, compassion and unity through the world.

We believe it is a revolutionary act to be of service, to spread love and compassion, to honor deep traditions and cultivate meaningful relationships. Not only is the practice of yoga, which means union in Sanskrit, revolutionary because it requires attention to the present moment, the transformation within the practitioner is revolutionary.

Our world is filled with dichotomies. We have dark and light entangled with each other in all facets of our society. We strive to bring into balance that dark and light, to see clearly what lies before us, to connect with our truest selves and communicate through the lens of compassion and ahimsa, nonviolence. ​


Revolution Yoga is dedicated to serving its community by:

Offering a variety of dynamic yoga and meditation classes.


Bringing opportunities for deeper learning through workshops and special study programs.

Creating a space for all to feel welcome, seen and nurtured.


Providing affordable options to build greater access to yoga.


Supporting its teaching staff with continuing education, fair pay and peer support.

Contributing to the greater community through fundraising and volunteering with local organizations.

Honoring and carrying the ancient teachings of yoga off the mat and into daily life.

Teacher Circle.jpg


To practice yoga off the mat means going into the world with intention, compassion and a yearning to ease all living beings from suffering. Revolution Yoga is dedicated to that purpose and has built a Seva program as a container to serve the community at large.


Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service and lies at the heart of a karma yoga practice. Our chief Seva yogi is Jennifer Girvin, a Santa Rosa native who has given countless hours back to the community and continues to share her heart, artistry and good nature with all. Jennifer works with nonprofits and community groups in Sonoma County and helps Revolution Yoga choose organizations to receive Seva. The yoga community raises funds, provides services or goods or takes on a service project for each organization during a specific period of time.


To become involved with Revolution Yoga’s Seva work, please contact us.

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