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With a full schedule of classes, events and workshops, at our two studio locations, we strive to offer something for everyone because we want as many people practicing yoga as possible.

Yoga is for every body, and every body can do yoga no matter the size, shape or flexibility. The only requirement is to come with an open mind. Come in and see where you can start your own revolution.



Offered on a recurring basis to help you establish a routine practice.

All Levels Flow

Our signature class offers an exploration of asana that will leave you transformed from the inside out. Based in vinyasa, the class sequences are creative with a focus on alignment, breath and enjoying a deeper connection to your body. 

Some yoga experience required.

Flow & Restore

Spend the first half of this class unwinding from your day, flowing through breath and asana, working out tight muscles or stuck energy. The second half leads you into a restful, restorative practice with emphasis on allowing the body to fully relax. Some yoga experience required.

Open Studio

Open studio is a time for you to practice without instruction. You lead the way in a safe, held space. Take time to explore your body at your own pace through movement, or meditation, or pranayama or mantra. 

Slow Flow

A gentle, calming class with a focus on easing tension in the body and creating calmness in the mind. Great for those new to yoga or experienced practitioners.


Take a break and let gravity do the work for you. Using yoga props for support, the instructor will guide you in and out of each pose with care and compassion. You will spend several minutes in each pose allowing your body to gradually open and release tension, stress or discomfort. All levels welcome.


Settle into yourself and notice what arises and you quiet the mind and calm the breath. Meditation is a practice that can complement your busy life and add a sense of grounding, calm and peace into your body, mind and spirit. All levels welcome.

Sunrise Flow

For those early risers, this class will ease your into your day and prepare you for what’s to come. Some yoga experience required.

Chair Yoga

Adding a chair into your practice adds stability if your mobility has decreased or you just want to try something different. We use the chair as a prop both to sit in and to bring support to standing postures. All levels welcome.

Dynamic Core

Spend 50 minutes being fully attentive to your abdominal strength. If you're experiencing back pain, weakness in the abdominals, trouble with balance or just want to get stronger, dedicate this time to working hard and seeing results quickly. All levels welcome.

Happier Hour

Looking for a way to spend a Friday evening after work or school? This class focuses on bringing health and vitality into your life and your body.  Some yoga experience required.

Beginning Yoga

If you're new to yoga or just want to return to a beginner's mind this class focuses on the fundamental postures, breathing techniques and philosophy of yoga, this is going to be your jam. We break down poses, get a little nerdy and tune into our body's subtle cues to connect to our innermost selves. All levels welcome.


Expand your practice with these diverse classes offered at select times.


Expecting mothers will be able to take time for themselves in this class. We build strength while easing pain that arises in the hips, back and elsewhere. We practice breathing techniques to help with labor, and we mediate to bring awareness to this special time in our lives. All levels welcome.

Sunday Sangha

Deepen your practice with study of philosophy, mantra, pranayama and meditation while connecting with a group of like-minded individuals. This is a donation-based class that occurs monthly on the first Sunday of the month.


Experience your body after giving birth while rebuilding abdominal strength and hip strength. After all the expansion of pregnancy, we will work to tighten back up as well as provide time to relax and restore. Please wait 6 to 8 weeks after birth before attending a postnatal class. All levels welcome.


There are many parts of our bodies that we get used to feeling a certain way. In this occasional series, we focus on using movement and breath to rediscover different areas of the body to feel new sensations and make new neural connections that will take your physical practice to a new level.

Women's Circle

A gathering of women for women in a space open to all ages. We gather monthly during the new moon season. Due to similarities between lunar cycles and female cycles, the moon harnesses power for women. It's why traditionally this was seen as prime time for women to gather to grow awareness and insight, and create bonds. This is a Sacred Space in which women can be heard, held and seen without judgment.

Couple's Yoga

Spend time connecting with your partner through the fusion of movement, breath and creative, sometimes playful exercises. Deepen your subtle understanding of each other while honoring your partnership and your individuality. Taught by a husband-wife yogi/therapist team.

Yoga Nidra

A guided meditation to take you into a deep state of relaxation. The instructor verbally guides you through your body and into visualizations to take your mind into a restorative place. You will feel like you had a deep rest and nourishment. All levels welcome.


A Sanskrit word meaning "narrating, reciting, telling, describing" an idea or story, is a time to gather and chant mantra, a sacred sound formula that has a specific focus and energy, according to renowned mantra artist Deva Premal. We chant in call-and-response form and offer devotion or praise to the divine nature within us all and the deep connection in our hearts. 

Class Descriptions


Ease into the physical, mental and spiritual arms of yoga with new student services and packages.


Flexible plans to help you touch your toes and meet your goals.


One-on-one instruction can change the way you feel about your yoga practice and your body. 

Individualized attention to address your specific goals with your practice.

A deeper understanding of your body's alignment and how a specific movement/asana should feel.

A chance to ask questions about yogic breathing, meditation, yoga philosophy or any other parts of the practice.

60 minutes $90
3 sessions for $240


30 minutes $55
3 sessions for $150


Special Events, Birthdays, Weddings,
Work Retreats

We can come to you or you can come to us, and we will provide a special class that will bring your group together in movement, breath and harmony.

Please reach out for availability and rates.

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