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We pride ourselves on dynamic, compassionate and collaborative teamwork

Current Openings


10 - 20 hours a week to start


Revolution Yoga is looking for a friendly, reliable and systems-oriented Assistant Manager to join our small-but-mighty, creative and collaborative Leadership Team.


Revolution Yoga serves our clients by offering yoga and other mindful practices in a safe and nurturing environment. Community is everything, and we create a supportive and interactive environment for our clients to grow, thrive and become a part of this wonderful community we have gathered and grown. 


We lean into our mission that yoga is for every body, and we encourage a diverse staff and clientele. We encourage our staff to be active in our studio culture by taking classes and prioritizing self care so we can have a healthy work culture.


We make decisions based on the following values:


  • Clear and Skillful Communication: We practice clear, direct, and compassionate communication amongst team members, and regularly give and receive feedback both to and from our supervisors. Boundaries in the workplace are not only respected but encouraged, and modeled by all members of leadership.

  • Alignment-based work culture: We are skilled at helping employees discover their areas of genius and then setting up their position to help them grow these skills. As much as possible, we distribute work based on what each team member *enjoys* and excels at, rather than according to rigid, predetermined job descriptions.

  • Learning & Growth: Joining our small, tight-knit and highly collaborative team is an opportunity for mentorship in all aspects of running a mission-driven AND profitable small business. We help our team members master skill sets that interest them and build their resumes in the direction they want to go.


The Assistant Manager will be expected to be in the studio to help manage the retail area, assist with client care and help keep the studio tidy. A regular schedule will be developed based upon availability and needs.


Additional backend computer work can be done remotely.


This job is for you if…

  • You are available at least 10 hours a week and can make a minimum one-year commitment to the position

  • You are a warm, friendly people-person who enjoys curating a positive client experience in a high-touch customer service environment

  • You like working independently and creating your own workflows (the Assistant Manager will be responsible for achieving specific results, and how you get there is up to you - you will NOT be micro-managed!)

  • You want to learn how to run a mission-driven AND profitable small business as a part of a high-functioning leadership team

  • You see work as an opportunity for mentorship and personal growth as well as professional

  • You are coachable, and enjoy learning from your manager how to best be of service in your role

  • You are a systems thinker with a penchant for operations and logistics

  • You are interested in growing your skills in any of the following areas: small business administration, team management, marketing, facilities management, entrepreneurial thinking, high-end and membership-based customer service and sales

  • You’re interested in a position that will help you build your resume

  • You are comfortable asking questions and giving feedback to your manager about how you most like to be supported

  • You take feedback as an opportunity for growth


This job is not for you if…

  • You like to have your manager nearby while you work

  • You don’t like selling things (and are unwilling to work through your mindset blocks about making sales for a value-aligned healing business)

  • You don’t like working with customers

  • You struggle with organization in your work or personal life

  • You like to be told exactly how to do each task you’re responsible for, rather than creating workflows that work for you

  • You have a hard time receiving feedback for growth from a skilled and trustworthy Manager

  • Your schedule is in flux or you’re unable to make a one-year commitment


Skills for success:

  • Warm, friendly people-person

  • Independent, creative problem solver

  • Able to learn new software quickly, and willing to teach yourself by looking it up on YouTube or calling customer service as needed

  • High capacity for nervous-system regulation

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented

  • Reliable, professional, and trustworthy

  • Able to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively in an ever-changing environment


Key duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Managing front desk team

  • Coordinating with retail sales and vendors

  • Providing high-touch customer service in person, over the phone, and via email

  • Closing sales on services and memberships

  • Acting as the primary point of contact for members regarding their memberships, and manage memberships through our booking software, FitDEGREE

  • Developing and executing systems for keeping the studio clean and organized and the facilities functioning well

  • Collaborating with the Leadership Team on decision-making about studio operations and facilities

  • Other duties you will grow into over time based on your skills and desires


Compensation and benefits:

  • Starting pay rate of $20-$25/hour, depending on experience

  • Unlimited classes in the studio

  • 15% discount on Revolution Yoga merchandise

  • 30% discount on studio workshops and events

  • One free guest pass per month

  • 50% discount on a membership for one family member

  • Sick pay accrual

Yoga Class


Our mission is to foster a safe learning environment for the study of yoga and meditation while building community, engaging in service to the greater community and spreading the revolutionary ideals of peace, compassion and unity through the world.

We believe it is a revolutionary act to be of service, to spread love and compassion, to honor deep traditions and cultivate meaningful relationships. Not only is the practice of yoga, which means union in Sanskrit, revolutionary because it requires attention to the present moment, the transformation within the practitioner is revolutionary.

Our world is filled with dichotomies. We have dark and light entangled with each other in all facets of our society. We strive to bring into balance that dark and light, to see clearly what lies before us, to connect with our truest selves and communicate through the lens of compassion and ahimsa, nonviolence. ​


Revolution Yoga is dedicated to serving its community by:

Offering a variety of dynamic yoga and meditation classes.


Bringing opportunities for deeper learning through workshops and special study programs.

Creating a space for all to feel welcome, seen and nurtured.


Providing affordable options to build greater access to yoga.


Supporting its teaching staff with continuing education, fair pay and peer support.

Contributing to the greater community through fundraising and volunteering with local organizations.

Honoring and carrying the ancient teachings of yoga off the mat and into daily life.

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