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300 HOUR


Dates TBD

Revolution Yoga's 300-hour Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive program specifically tailored to enrich your teaching experience.


Combined with a 200-hour certification, it achieves the 500 status of an advanced training certificate. 


Our program focuses on how to take your understanding of yoga to a level that enhances your life and well being, which in turn can set the groundwork for dynamic and deep teaching. 

But this program is not just for those who want to be yoga teachers. If you are interested in learning more about yoga in its fullest sense, if you're interested in deepening your practice and learning to live your yoga, this program is for you.


During our training, we will meet in person two long weekends per month, and we will also meet online once a week. You will learn:


* Yoga history, philosophy, and tradition

* Anatomy, alignment, biomechanics and physiology

* Subtle energy: the chakra system, yin/yang, koshas, vayus

* Bhakti Yoga: mantra, mudra, chanting, storytelling

* Finding your effective voice and presence as a teacher and leader.

* Pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness

* Business and ethics of Yoga

* Deepen your understanding of the 8 limbed path and practices of Yoga

Your training will include an individualized mentored project of your choosing. This program is experiential and highly teacher-focused. It includes ample practice-teaching time in small groups to cement the approaches and skills covered in the program. 

In-Person Meeting Dates

(subject to change)

Week 1: Aug. 11-13

Week 2: Aug. 14-17

Week 3: Aug. 25-27

Week 4: Sept. 8-10

Week 5: Sept. 15-17

Week 6: Sept. 29-Oct. 1

Week 7: Oct. 13-15

Week 8: Special workshop with Judith Hanson Lasater Oct.. 21-22

Week 9: Nov. 10 - 12

Week 10: Nov. 17-18


This program is intended for you to deepen your understanding of yoga, deepen your practice and, if you plan to teach, to deepen your skills and tools to communicate and be a strong and effective teacher.

Early Bird Tuition (Register Before June 30) ~ $3,900

Regular Tuition ~ $4,200

Payment plans are available!

Registration includes membership and unlimited classes at Revolution Yoga during the training dates.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. We will contact you to answer any questions you might have or get you enrolled.

Secure your spot in the training with a $500 non-refundable deposit. 



Shoshana Hebshi

Owner, Founder Revolution Yoga

ERYT-500, MA

Shoshana discovered yoga, or rather was dragged to a yoga class, in 1999 and has not looked back since. The practice has changed her worldview, her mission in life and her driving purpose. Through the creation of Revolution Yoga, she aims to manifest her desires for Healing the World one breath at a time.

Gina Wright


Gina's teaching perspective encourages motor control learning and nervous system regulations to reinforce that there is no right way or one way to move. Her teaching style focuses on finding ease through deliberate intent and effort. Her passion intends to allow you to observe each practice as a brand-new experience without preconceived ideas or judgements.


When we opened on Nov. 12, 2019, we envisioned a community space that was neighborhood friendly, open to anyone curious about yoga or wanting a place to deepen their existing practice.


We wanted to create a space for people of all backgrounds, races, sexual identities, cultures and socio-economic status.

We know that entering a yoga studio can sometimes be intimidating, and we wanted to remove that barrier and offer a friendly, warm and welcoming place for exploring the healing and introspective practices of yoga and meditation.


We wanted to create a Revolution, knowing that the very act of practicing yoga, of seeking a higher awareness, of cultivating peacefulness, is not always the easiest or most popular path in our culture.

Through 14 months of physical space closure due to Covid, we have grown and shifted and changed, adapted and pivoted to a new way of being together. 


We are grateful to celebrate the evolution of Revolution Yoga, and we anticipate it will bring even more growth, new connections, deeper learning and a little fun along the way. 

Thank you for joining the Revolution. We hope to see you on the mat (virtual or actual) soon.

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