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2020: Bring on the New Year

Every year around this time we start to take stock of our lives. Sometimes it's in simple materialistic terms: what we have, what we don't, what we wish we had. Sometimes it's a deeper look to feel grateful for the friends and family we have, the roof over our heads, food in our bellies, money in the bank. And sometimes we can look even deeper into our spiritual wealth, that sense of well being and connection that leaves us feeling peaceful and content with life.

We are turning the page to a new decade, the 20s. When I think about the 20s, two things come to mind: The flappers and art/music scene of the 1920s and the decade of our 20s when many of us are searching to find meaning and purpose with our lives.

If I think about those two time periods—one in the history books, the other etched in my personal memory—there's a certain sense of freedom and abandonment of societal norms that are eschewed. There's a casting off of stringent binds that hold us to ideas and ways of life that may not fit right as we grow and expand into different parts of ourselves. We crave a sense of adventure and exploration.

So here I see Revolution Yoga. My vision has always been one of expansion and inclusion, to use the teachings of yoga to create a big tent under which we can all find shelter. Because yoga is and should be the great unifier. It's the cool aunt who tells you to think for yourself and chase your dreams. Yoga is the wisest part of ourselves, our intuition, which knows what we need when we need it. But because it's a subtle presence and best accessed through regular practice and attention (sadhana).

The walls of Revolution Yoga are just a container for all that exploration. It is structure and suggestion to help anyone who is curious or interested to go a little bit deeper, to ask a little bit more, to express themselves in an honest and compassionate way without judgment. It is, as they say, a safe space.

So bring it, 2020. I'm ready. I hope you are, too. The Revolution is here!

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