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Connect with the Divine Feminine Within

Seven Months of Goddess Circle with Charlotte Keane

Aug. 5, 2022 - Feb. 11, 2023

In the early days when we lived closer to the earth, women would gather in Circle. To share wisdom, to support, and to teach.

In Circle there is no hierarchy. We are equal, without competition or having to prove ourselves. Acceptance is our birthright.

Each month we will gather in Circle, pass the talking stick in ritual, and share in elements of ceremony to heal our souls, minds, and hearts. Each month we work with a color frequency. It lifts us and really invokes a specialness to the Circle. If you are moved to wear the colors, please do! There is no requirement for dress. Come as you are comfortable and can express yourself.

Commit to the seven-month series and receive a Soul Retrieval healing session with Charlotte for free.

Cost: $175 / $148.75 (members). Or, drop in as you are inspired. Cost: $30 / $25.50 (members) individually.


Color Frequency - GREEN/BROWN

Invoking the power of Mother Earth, we embrace our wild woman! Connecting with animal and earth spirits, we remember how to trust in the seasons and cycles of life. In this circle we explore “what is my true nature?... That part of me that is released from expectation”. Using chants, drums, and rattles we will connect with Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama. Learning to sit in empty presence to become a channel of light.


Color Frequency - RED

The second chakra, Svādhiṣṭhāna, is the place of creation. Your sacral womb gives life to your creative projects and is your emotional relationship to all things. In this Circle, we share our womb stories, journey to our matriarchal lineage, and heal each other in ritual. We complete with cord cutting and energy clearing so that you can love everyone, and everyone can love you without attachment. This work will prepare and prime you for next month’s abundance/Lakshmi Circle.


Color Frequency - GOLD

To shift out of a space of scarcity and lack, we need to shift out of fear. Gratitude is that energetic gear shift. In this Circle you will gain the tools to lift your energy into a living and breathing code of abundance. Sharing and releasing the old stories in a safe container heals and transmutes. Celebrate Lakshmi in ceremony to create and craft all you desire.


Color Frequency - WHITE

This is the month that we move into the energy center of the Solar Plexus. The ancients called this center “The House of Honor.” In this ceremony, we reawaken this energy center and reclaim both our honor and our sovereignty by releasing feelings of unworthiness and shame that have made us powerless.

This energy center invites you to access your personal willpower by taking responsibility for your life, your intellect, your decision making ability and your personal identity in the world. When you are leaking energy in this center it can show up as emotional upset, lack of self- trust, feeling unreliable, helplessness, or trusting others more than yourself.


Color Frequency - BLACK

Come to know your true self and learn to trust your voice. Winter's healing comes from working with your shadow self -- the parts of you that you have denied. We will work to clear the throat chakra energies and heal your relationship with yourself. Invoking the Goddess Kali, we will sing, drum, and and anoint our voices and the divine will speak through you..


Color Frequency - BLUE

Clearing the throat chakra. Devotion and surrender to self. Find your voice and remember the power of your words. Shadow work with integration and healing. Using oils, drums, and vocal sound vibration. Sound healing offering.


Color Frequency - PINK

In this ceremonial circle, we call in Aphrodite and Inanna to support our work of healing ourselves, and the world with the medicine of Love. Sharing in the Cacao de Canela ritual we will drink ceremonial cacao to open our hearts and connect with our sensual selves and honor the beauty of sisterhood.

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