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Feel the Love in February

It's strange to focus on love just for one month, or even more narrowly, just for one day on Feb. 14. But, Valentine's Day gives us an excuse to practice and share love in a more outwardly fashion than we may do normally.

In yoga, the practice of love is cultivated from a deep sense of understanding that your true self is the same as another living being's true self. In that recognization, we find that we are born of the same stuff and that through the understanding of our sameness we can remove barriers that separate us.

We can come to a place of loving understanding, of compassion, of connection to ourselves and others that binds us together rather than delineates differences between us.

Ram Das said: "Love is the doorway to oneness with all things, to being in harmony with the entire universe."

It is through the steady practice that we can begin to unravel the layers that keep us from both seeing our truest self and keep us hidden from others. Our practice helps us to unravel the layers and stories that serve as protection from vulnerability, masks that keep us feeling guarded and falsehoods that may serve as barriers to our contentment and happiness.

So, in the spirit of deepening the love cultivated through the practice of yoga and meditation, Revolution Yoga is offering a special 21-day practice challenge to get you in your body and connecting to your true self on a daily (or near-daily basis).

From Feb. 1 - 28, all you need to do is show up to a Revolution Yoga class 21 times. We will mark your attendance (you can even come to more than one class in a day). After completing 21 days during the month, you will not only have accomplished a deeper commitment to your practice, but Revolution Yoga will gift you a free class for you or a loved one to use in the future. It's a win-win.

To help you achieve this goal, we are offering a special class pack of 21-classes for $99 that you can use between Feb. 1 and 28. Buy in HERE

Ready to get started? Sign up for the Challenge here and get your love on!

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