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Happy Revolutionary Anniversary

To date, our physical practice space has been closed longer than it has been open, but we still have so much to celebrate!

It's been one year since we opened the studio doors in Montecito Center and welcomed in our community of yoga practitioners and amazing humans. We filled that room with so much breath, movement, love and healing during the cold fall and winter months. And we were amazed at how quickly the new space felt like home.

Then March came, and Covid-19 forced us to close the space. Like so many small businesses, we were saddened and confused by this new reality. I didn't think the closure would last that long...June, I thought. I didn't know how bad this pandemic really was. Did any of us?

And now its' been eight months since we last practiced together on those lovely bamboo floors. It's been eight months since we heard the beautiful echo of our collective Oms. It's been eight months since we breathed and moved and shifted perspectives, deepening our connection to ourselves and each other in that space. I miss it. I miss you. I miss the energy we brought to that room.

But, like I said, we still have so much to celebrate. We are still here! This is a tough time for small businesses all over the country, and yoga studios in particular are facing such financial hardship because of the restrictions placed upon them to keep people safe. It's a hard reality, but in no way do we want to put anyone at risk. And we're still here, practicing online and outdoors with you because you have stuck with your practice and you've stuck with the Revolution.

Our dedicated Revolutionary instructors have been providing space on Zoom every day, and you keep showing up. It's incredible. I have so much gratitude for the resiliency of this community, and for the ongoing support of the Revolution. We created something special last November, and it continues to EVOLVE during these most interesting times.

We celebrate yoga, we celebrate continuing to explore and be curious about our state of being. We celebrate the ongoing dedication to promoting a more peaceful, equitable and just society, and we celebrate the enduring connection of this incredible community.

To help us celebrate, all of our pricing is ON SALE! For the whole month of November, choose discounted memberships and class cards, plus new students can take advantage of discounted new student rates!

Thank you for being a part of the Revolution, sticking with your practice and continuing on this twisting and turning path with us.

In union, always,

~ Shoshana

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