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Here we are: Where we've always been

Yesterday, I received a text message from the school district where my kids attend 8th grade announcing that school would remain closed for the rest of the school year.

I paused for a moment, taking in the information, calculating what that would mean logistically and emotionally. The kids have been out of school since March 13 when they came back early from a school field trip to Ashland because of the measures put into place to keep us safe(r) from Covid-19.

OK, well this changes things, I thought. They won't go back to school until mid-August...right? Who knows?!

That's just the thing about this. We don't know. We have charts and graphs and smart scientists telling us about curves and peaks, and that's all fine. But our reality, our daily lives have been turned inside out.

Well, rather, just inside.

So, too, with the studio.

Revolution Yoga was 4 months old when we went into Shelter-In-Place closure. We had an incredible couple of months finding a landing place for a displaced community, growing that community and beginning to find a groove. And then, like an unwanted phone call interrupting your deepest meditation, we were closed.

So we retreat to our inside spaces. Which is where we've always retreated to in this practice. This is an unprecedented time in our lives where we are being ordered to slow down, to sit with this and to find some sort of comfort with the social distancing and transfigured way of life. But what a gift!

Every time we step onto our mats, into our practice space, into a comfortable seat, we are returning to the stillness within ourselves. We are remembering the nascent innocence, the freedom from the to-do lists and chores, the unending grasping for stuff, the busy-ness that our lives inhabit on a non-stop circuit. This practice, our practice, was made for this.

We are honored to join you in this practice as you welcome Revolution Yoga into your home practice space, your home yoga shala. We are continuing to evolve as this situation evolves, and we are hoping to bring you a safe, loving and comfortable routine to help keep your body moving, your mind calm and your spirit grounded.

The simplest aim of this practice, though not simple at all, is to merge the body, mind and spirit, to remember our one-ness not only within ourselves but with all living beings. We are truly getting a taste of our shared experience here on Planet Earth.

And as we are being asked to stay put, let's understand this within the context of knowing that our practice has led us to this moment, and we can find comfort and ease when we let go of the way things were and truly come into our soft flow as we continue to evolve. We will find a simple pleasure in the not-knowing, in the unplanning, in the clearing of schedules and remember that this is where we have always been.

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