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Welcome to the Revolution

There's one thing about revolutionaries that appears constant: they are visionaries who wish to change the status quo.

Such is the mind of the yogi.

In fact, practicing yoga is a revolutionary act in itself. We seek to change the focus of our minds from the past or the future (or both) to the present. This act takes skill, practice and awareness. With so many distractions all around us, from text messages or Netflix binge sessions to negative self talk or relentless mind chatter, we have plenty to keep our minds active and focused on everything but what is exactly in front of us at the exact moment.

So what happens if we become present to what is happening in the moment?

For one thing, we stop thinking about what has happened before that moment or what will come after that moment passes. Our mind can stop racing around from scenario A to scenario B or C or D We can feel our breath as it passes in and out. We can feel our bodies in space. We can hear the softest sounds, and become attuned to the subtlest sensations. It truly is a miracle to quiet the mind and stop all that work!

So, sit down, take a deep breath, watch it exhale, do it again. And again. And again. Notice. Observe. Return to Yourself.

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